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Montessori laid down extremely strict guidelines for the look of the environment and the behaviour of adults in Montessori kindergartens, and the environment plays a key role in the development of the child. An environment which is conducive to the needs of the child and which offers everything that the child needs for physical, mental and spiritual development, Maria Montessori called a prepared environment.

At the same time, it is a sign of freedom and an educational means, and offers the child the opportunity to play and work in a way that is most appropriate for him/her. It enables children to move in the process of learning. The Montessori ambient is a unique whole, and not a collection of different things. A well prepared environment makes work easier. Children perceive order and rules, and can work on their own and are independent. The Montessori ambient also comprises the internal, external and local environment; it gives motifs, activities which are appropriate to the child's current stage of development. It is attractive to the child, and within it, the child chooses, explores, becomes familiar with and develops his/her abilities. The Montessori ambient is a life ambient for the child. Children, teachers and parents participate in the shaping of the ambient from the initial idea right through to its realisation, whereby it becomes an interactive place in which the development of the child is monitored and which reacts to their needs. Tables and chairs should be of the appropriate in size for the children and their strength, and so children should be able to easily carry and reposition them. Work surfaces for individual work are the surface of tables and small carpets.

In the premises there should be enough space for free movement. On the floor an ellipse is marked, which serves for walking and balance exercises. The space of the group is decorated with plants, which the children, along with the teachers, look after. Nearby is a mandatory garden, with the opportunity for real garden work.

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