Parents' Corner

Dear parents!

Welcome to our Montessori nursery school, Zvono! We are delighted that you have demonstrated your faith in us, and that we will grow up together with your children. We want him/her to feel comfortable with us, so we offer the opportunity for him/her to experience as much joy as childhood carries and to gain his/her first friendships.

We know that in the beginning you can be worried. In order to make this easier for you, please pay attention to the following:

  • Every farewell, even temporary, is painful, especially if we are not ready for it – so, prepare yourselves!
  • Your child is growing up and this is only one in a series of farewells which await you.
  • Some time before leaving for kindergarten (best even now) you should visit and get to know the building and the teachers with your child – so that your child will be less fearful of starting to come to the kindergarten when the time comes.
  • Explain to your child what awaits him/her at the kindergarten: a daily schedule, times for snacks, lunch, sleeping and play – he/she will feel more secure.
  • Talk with your child about the kindergarten, teach him/her to look forward to spending time with other children and gaining new experiences.
  • Do not scare your child about the kindergarten. This creates in the child an image of the kindergarten as a place where he/she feels uncomfortable and insecure, and so will only part from his/her parents unwillingly and fearfully.
  • Have confidence in the teachers and the overall staff at the kindergarten and cooperate with them. Their advice is based on experience and knowledge about children.
  • Try not to allow your child, at the same time he/she starts kindergarten, to experience several painful situations (time in hospital, birth of a sibling, moving house). The child could then connect going to kindergarten with rejection or punishment. If it does happen, please postpone starting kindergarten several days until this direct reaction passes.
  • Put aside a day of annual leave for the start of kindergarten. Try to organise yourself so that you bring and pick up your child from the kindergarten, and that you have time to spend with your child for the first few days of kindergarten.
  • If the child is particularly attached to one of his/her toys, let him/her bring it with him/her. He/she will feel more secure.
  • Do not leave immediately after you have brought your child to kindergarten.
  • Have a look around the area, the toys together. When you decide to leave you should not take too long to say goodbye, nor should you slip away unnoticed. Do not be insecure in your expression at the time and in the way you part. In agreement with the teacher, remain a certain time in the room with the child, and then say goodbye and decisively, securely but pleasantly and warmly leave with the declaration that you will come back for him/her. Allow the teacher to take the initiative at the time of parting.
  • The child can stay shorter for the first few days, and then gradually lengthen his/her stay.
  • Try to agree with the child and respect the agreement, especially about the time of arrival. Be honest and do not lie in order to calm him/her down. Connect your coming for your child, in agreement with the teacher, with a particular activity in the daily schedule of the kindergarten (e.g. after lunch, before sleeping, or one of the activities during the day).
  • Possible changes in the behaviour of your child should not worry you:
    • difficulties in feeding
    • sleeping
    • anxiety
    • argumentativeness
    • negativity towards you

    These are normal reactions to the new situation and are temporary.

  • Try to let the child come to the kindergarten regularly and at the same time. He/she will more quickly get used to it and will feel better, if he/she is not constantly in a phase of adapting.
  • If a child is not coping best with the new situation, talk with the teacher or contact the expert services of the kindergarten.
Page updated: 28 February 2015


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