1. Metal templates – allow easy learning, loose grip on and use of a pencil, drawing a line within certain limits, turning one's wrists.
  2. Letters on sandpaper
    Letters on sandpaper
    Letters on sandpaper – enable the child to recognise letters through the senses of sight and touch, and their relation to noise (sound). They enable a child to prepare for writing and reading, as well as learning the contents of words.
  3. Various letters
    Various letters
    Mobile alphabet – this has the goal of analysing words by sound, their demonstration with the help of graphical symbols and preparation for reading and writing.
  4. Wooden templates – movement of beads from the left to the right, development of hands for beginners' writing.


  1. Arithmetic rods
    Arithmetic rods
    Arithmetic rods – each rod represents a number. Aim: recognising amounts, comparing numbers and amounts, pre-experience for mathematics.
  2. Numbers on sandpaper - Aim: recognising the symbols for numbers, joining the names and symbols of numbers, preparation for writing numbers.
  3. Rods – spindle Aim: reinforcing the idea of quantity, creating knowledge about the fact that quantities come from the number of elements, understanding the idea of zero.
  4. Numbers and tokens – Aim: joining the ideas of quantity and the symbols of numbers from 1 to 10, practicing series from 1 to 10. Special preparation for learning the ideas of odd and even numbers, preparation for dividing numbers.
Numbers and tokens
Numbers and tokens
For the area of mathematics
For the area of mathematics
The area of mathematics
The area of mathematics
The area of mathematics
The area of mathematics
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